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Best Freeze Dried Moong Masala Ready to Eat, Instant Mix, 65 Grams

₹171 ₹180

Diet Type Vegetarian
Number of Items : 1
Flavour : Palak Paneer
Item Weight : 65 Grams

Elevate Your Dining Experience with Spacemac Foods’ Freeze Dried Moong Masala

Embark on a culinary journey like no other with Spacemac Foods Freeze Dried Moong Masala. Indulge in the rich flavors and convenience of our Ready to Eat Moong Masala, guaranteed to impress your taste buds and guests alike.

Unveiling the Perfect Meal Solution 

Spacemac Foods presents the ultimate meal solution: Freeze Dried Moong Masala. Whether you’re craving a hearty dinner or a quick lunch fix, our Moong Masala is the answer. With its delicious taste and ease of preparation, it’s the perfect choice for any occasion.

No Cooking Skills Required with Freeze Dried Moong Masala

Say goodbye to complicated cooking processes! With Spacemac’s Ready to Eat Moong Masala Mix, cooking becomes effortless. Simply mix with water, and you’re ready to enjoy a delectable meal in minutes. No cooking skills necessary!

Pure Goodness, No Preservatives

At Spacemac Foods, we prioritize purity and quality. That’s why our Freeze Dried Moong Masala Mix contains no preservatives or artificial colors. Just pure, wholesome ingredients packed with flavor and nutrition.

Quick, Easy, and Bursting with Flavor

Experience the convenience of Spacemac Foods’ Freeze Dried Moong Masala Mix. Quick to prepare and easy to enjoy, it’s the perfect solution for busy days when you crave a delicious meal without the hassle. With its perfect blend of spices and flavors, you’ll find yourself coming back for more.

Serve with Your Favorite Accompaniments

Enhance your dining experience by pairing Spacemac’s Moong Masala with your favorite bread or rice. Whether it’s roti, paratha, naan, or rice, our Moong Masala Mix complements any dish perfectly, adding a burst of flavor to every bite.


In conclusion, Spacemac Foods’ Freeze Dried Moong Masala is the ultimate choice for those seeking convenience, flavor, and quality in their meals.

With its easy preparation, pure ingredients, and delicious taste, it’s the perfect addition to any kitchen. Elevate your dining experience today with Spacemac’s Best Freeze Dried Moong Masala.

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